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Welcome to Preston Guild 2012 wiki!


The aim of this page is to pull together the ideas that were generated at Preston Tweetup about how the web can be used for Preston Guild 2012 and then to expand on those ideas and add more to the pot.


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I've taken the raw ideas from the #prestontweetup stream from the night and condensed similar ideas together - where possible!


What is the Guild?


The guild to me is about getting all the people of the town together to interact


To reach out to as many people as possible, a way of including people


The central question is what kind of guild do you want?


One of the problems may be that people don't know what the guild actually is


Community effort - university, local business, councils


Make this the people's Guild, about people and place / we don't want Preston to be another Liverpool or Manchester. We like that it's its own / What makes Preston UNIQUE?


1992 all about manufacturing.... how has industry changed? / By 2012 we'll know more about how bad the credit crunch really is





If you ask Broadgate people what they like most about the area, our river comes top - the Guild should reflect this


Why not some events that celebrate Preston's beautiful natural setting: river, countryside, wildlife?



Virtual Preston


Create a virtual Preston to show what city was like in the past, going back by guild years


A Preston built around the achievements, inventions and creativity of famous ex Pats? A Preston playground! / Creative expat meetup in a virtual world



Time capsule


Writing time capsule postcards to the future or a creative tweetup of some sort, virtual postcards?



What will preston be like in 1992? - a question asked to writers during the 1972 guild


Time capusle predictions of the city in 2032.



Big screens / live feeds


How about a permanent #preston twitter feed on a rotating Scotland Yard style sign? / How about a massive tv screen in town centre, like Liverpool has - twitter cud be put on it? / twitterfall in center of Preston


Streamimg webcam through out the guild


The preston blog should have a float apparently with people twittering away from it along with live blogging and streaming


Twitterefeed on each event during guild



Guild website/blog


Perhaps a dedicated blog to Preston Guild, promoted through established blogs/sites etc @prestonblog / council site


Create archive of old content e.g. youtube videos of 1972 guild


What about the idea for a website should it be a an official council site or an unofficial site? /

the council should host the website and maybe the university can get involved-what about Preston FM / who should fund any web development for the Guild? Councillors' views welcome!


Take photos of things you like and dont like in terms of events in preston upload to blog


Some sort of Preston hub and social network / no clear entry point for social network of preston / microcommunities


Reinvent "upcoming.yahoo" for preston guild


API to encourage local developers



Virtual vs Physical


All good so long as bridge the electornic and the physical environment]


Keep and encourage the street parties! / last guild the council had control, this time WE have control! Flashmobbing etc.


Don't want to reduce prestonguild to a virtual guild / not a substitute to traditional events, real life contact and forms of relating? / some people prefer virtual contact


Who is the Guild's Obama? / freddie flintoff and nick parkes the 2 freemans of the city / I don't think David Borrow has the Obama factor...


We don't eyeball eachother enough. The guild is a great opportunity for this to happen / would eyeballing not cause more conflict/fighting?


The traditional march around the city could bring in both real and virtual communities around Preston somehow





We need a hashtag for the Guild celebration but what will twitter be like in 2012 actually what will the world be like then


What hashtag are we going to use for the guild?


Discussing official and social space and how twitter bridges the two - not always possible


Use the web to socialize locally


What barriers are there to Twitter and the Guild?


Twitter adds to traditional events - an adjunct and not a replacement/ Twitter can enhance and embolden the lead up...and follow on from... the Preston Guild


More 'virtual events' such as preston tweetup could be used to gather public opinion on what kind of guild is wanted


Could Twitter be dead by 2012


Councillor on guild committee to be have twitter account





Guild 2012 need to reach out to user groups whom use the web as a lifeline; people with disabilities etc.


How can people get involved in the guild via the new media / perfect for people who can't get out of the house, or who are just shy


What can be done to tie-in 2.0 media with the wider communities in time for 2012? / how do we get people who dont use the web to use it via the Guild initiative?


How to include people that are not part of the digital revolution / bottom up / Encouraging non-web users to log on


Getting schools, uni's involved - Getting all generations involved / intro taster sessions from the twitterati for the uninitiated


Utilize the radio and lep to get the older folk involved in web 2.0





Architecture, PNE, The Parks should all be celebrated. I think it is important to document 2012 for future generations


Presence used beyond guild


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